An attribute in HTML is a term inside an opening tag of an element, such as a font or color, that provides additional information about the element. It consists of a name and a value, separated by an equals sign (name=“value”). Web attributes are modifiers for HTML elements, shaping the structure and behavior of page content.

For example, in an image tag <img>, the “src” attribute specifies the image source, telling the web browser where to find and display the image. Without attributes, webpages would be static and unresponsive.

You can use attributes in your web development process to optimize websites and provide value to your visitors. For instance, the “alt” HTML data attribute in an image tag adds alternative (alt) text, improving accessibility and enhancing search engine optimization (SEO). Using alt text helps search engines find and accurately index content, boosting your website's discoverability and search ranking. It also makes your content more accessible to site visitors who are Blind or have visual disabilities or when images fail to load.

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