Link block

Link block

A link block operates like a div block, an HTML element for grouping and organizing other HTML elements (like text, images, and forms) into block-level containers. In the case of a link block, however, what’s inside the block becomes a link.

Link blocks, aka “clickable cards” or “clickable divs,” are a great alternative to text-based hyperlinks, which don’t add much visual interest to the page. They’re a helpful tool for marketing, making calls to action (CTAs) more attention-grabbing — visitors to your site are more likely to click on a large, attractive banner or picture than a simple line of text.

The default text styling on the All links tag is blue and underlined. To change the styling, override the text-decoration and font color. Since link blocks are interactive, it’s also a good idea to set a different hover state on the link block to show users that the block is clickable.

Visit Webflow University to learn how to style the hover state, wrap elements in a link block, and edit link settings.

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