Checkout process

Checkout process

The checkout process in ecommerce is the process that online customers go through to complete a purchase. The process can vary depending on the type of ecommerce business and its website, but common steps include the following:

  • Signing in as a guest or returning customer
  • Adding products or services to a digital shopping cart
  • Choosing to checkout
  • Entering a payment option
  • Selecting a shipping or download option
  • Reviewing and finalizing the order
  • Receiving a confirmation email

When designing an Ecommerce site, make the checkout page as clear and functional as possible, to encourage visitors to complete purchases. One-click shopping and plentiful payment options are good strategies. Some websites also collect and store payment information to streamline the process for returning customers, but you’ll need strong encryption and security to do that safely.

Building an Ecommerce website in Webflow lets you customize the shopping cart icon, add-to-cart button, and other elements like automatic confirmation emails. You can also explore other ecommerce website checkout processes for inspiration.

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