A backup is a copy of data stored in an alternate location, including hard drives, cloud servers, or network-attached storage (NAS) servers. Backups protect data in case of damage, accidental deletion, or corruption. 

The ability to recover data — everything from development scripts to customer data — can directly affect a business’s success, making data backup and recovery a crucial part of a long-term business strategy. Enterprise businesses often face buggy software, data corruption, hardware failure, hacking, and/or user error that can result in data loss. Even a power outage could interrupt your connection and erase your project’s progress and data. 

File restoration refers to the process of recovering data, which many different types of backup hardware and software can do. Standard backup hardware and software include USB drives, external drives, cloud servers, and other data storage systems. 

Webflow automatically creates backups of your site and saves past backups so you can restore a previous site version at any time. Learn more about saving and restoring site backups.

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