SSL CDN, or Secure Sockets Layer Content Delivery Network, is an option that allows you to serve your images over your own CDN service while using SSL. This combination ensures that website data is securely transmitted while improving site performance and user experience.

SSL, a security protocol, establishes an encrypted connection between a visitor's browser and a web server. This secure connection ensures that sensitive data, such as login credentials or payment information, is protected from potential interception or tampering by malicious third parties.

CDN is a network of servers distributed across various physical locations that store and serve cached copies of your website's content. By delivering content from a server closest to the user, a CDN significantly reduces latency and enhances site performance, especially for visitors far from the origin server.

Webflow offers SSL CDN as a built-in feature, ensuring that your Webflow-hosted site benefits from secure connections and accelerated content delivery. This results in improved user experience, increased visitor trust, and potentially higher search rankings.

With Webflow's built-in SSL CDN feature, you can provide your website visitors with a secure and fast browsing experience. Learn more about SSL hosting.

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