Enable Apple Pay and other Web Payments on checkout page

Launched on 
March 8, 2019

Following up on our release of Apple Pay and other Web Payment options for your shopping cart, we’ve added support for these browser-based payment methods on your checkout page as well.

Web Payments are enabled by default on all checkout pages created after today — with the option to disable this payment method by deleting the Web Payments element from your page altogether.

Enable Web Payments for an existing checkout form.

If you’ve got an existing checkout page that you want to enable Web Payments for, simply drag the web payments element into your checkout form and republish (make sure you have web payments enabled in the first place, under your ecommerce payment settings).

Now you can enable Apple Pay and other Web Payments on existing checkout forms. For checkout pages created after today, Web Payments are added by default (with the option to remove them as well).