The best logo makers: 8 options for any budget

The best logo makers: 8 options for any budget

Creating a logo for a new business or redesigning a brand? Our list of 8 logo makers will help you find the best design tool for your needs.

The best logo makers: 8 options for any budget

Creating a logo for a new business or redesigning a brand? Our list of 8 logo makers will help you find the best design tool for your needs.

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Backed by new technologies, the best logo makers help you create your brand’s identity — without relying on a graphic designer.

A great logo grabs people’s attention, makes the brand memorable, and builds brand recognition and awareness. In fact, 75% of people recognize a brand based solely on its logo. Conversely, a poorly designed logo can hinder business. 60% of people say they avoid interacting with companies with “weird or unattractive” logos, even if the companies boast good reviews.

In logo design, limited space means every decision matters. The colors, typography, layout, and image choices all influence how people feel about your brand, so tinkering with the design to get it right will pay dividends.

What is a logo maker?

A logo maker — also called a logo generator or logo creator — is any software or application that creates and edits brand emblems with ease. There are two types:

  • AI-powered logo makers ask for basic information and then output a selection of designs you can edit
  • Manual logo makers use digital templates and tools to do everything yourself 

Logo makers that incorporate artificial intelligence have varying degrees of flexibility. For example, a basic logo maker might limit information parameters; using only a few inputs, such as color and font, it generates a handful of designs and customization options. A more complex logo maker will gather more information, output hundreds of designs, then let you tweak everything from images to color gradations.

How to choose a logo maker tool

Choose the logo maker that best fits your needs and design experience. When choosing the right platform for your needs, consider the following:

  • Price. The simplest makers can create surprisingly appealing designs. If you choose a free one, however, read the fine print before starting. Some allow you to use the software for free but charge for downloads, while others only allow free downloads for low-quality, non-commercial-use files.
  • Purpose. Low-quality images are fine and copyright isn’t a concern if you only need a rough design for a proof of concept or mockup. If you’re creating a final version, however, you must consider factors like advanced customization and commercial use permissions. Some AI models use generic images that you won’t be able to trademark.
  • Outputs. Some logo makers only output low-quality PNG files for free, charging extra for scalable vector files like those in SVG format. Some makers factor the eventual use of the logo — on the web, social media, T-shirts, and other swag — into the design, while others don’t.
  • Learning curve. Choose a tool based on your existing design knowledge or one you’re comfortable learning, bearing in mind the time and effort it’ll require.

8 logo makers for different needs and budgets

There’s a logo maker for everyone, from complete novices to design experts. We’ve looked at the best sites for logo design and selected a combination of AI-powered and manual options, ordered from simplest to use to most complex.

1. Adobe Express Logo Maker

Adobe Express Logo Maker screen grab showing a final logo for Scoops ice cream.
Source: Adobe Express

The Adobe Express Logo Maker lives up to its name: This tool allows you to design a logo in less than five minutes. To start, input the type of business, the business name, and an optional slogan. The site then prompts you to choose between one of four styles — bold, elegant, modern, and decorative — and an icon to include in the design.

The tool automatically generates more than 30 options. You can select one and customize it further, but color and font options are limited, and you must cycle through them individually.

Adobe Express is ideal for people in a hurry or still honing their design skills. The user-friendly design, intuitive interface, and guided process make it easier for beginners to navigate and create a design they’re happy with.

Unlike some other free logo design tools, it’s free to download high-quality JPG and PNG files, and you can save projects to work on them later. However, you might not necessarily have commercial rights, so check whether the icon you’ve chosen is available for commercial use.

Difficulty: Easy

Price: Free. There’s also a $9.99/month premium plan with more storage space and increased functionality, including premium templates and design assets, image resizing features, and access to Adobe Stock photos.

2. Hatchful

Hatchful screen grab showing a logo in progress for Mr. Whiskers Cat Grooming.

Shopify’s free logo maker, Hatchful, is an ideal option for designing on mobile. Once you select your industry, the tool considers templates and visual styles suited for your sector, ensuring that the design aligns and resonates with your target audience. You can choose up to three target visual styles from 18 options, including futuristic, elegant, creative, natural, and vintage. After choosing visual styles, you tell the generator where you’ll use your brand emblem — on the web, in a store, on social media, or on merchandise. The site automatically creates several designs for you to customize further.

Hatchful has more fonts and color options than Adobe Express, but they’re still relatively limited. The intuitive interface guides you through a process similar to Adobe Express’ but with slightly more flexibility, making it suitable for design beginners who don’t mind taking a bit of time to experiment.

Hatchful offers unlimited revisions and provides a high-resolution file, a favicon, and social media images, all for free.

Difficulty: Easy

Price: Free 

3. VistaPrint logo maker

VistaPrint logo maker screen grab showing a brand emblem in progress for Green Thumb Nurseries.

If you have some design experience and want a tool that gives you more freedom to customize, the VistaPrint logo maker is a great place to start. This AI-based generator allows you to manipulate the graphics, layout, font color, style, colors, and relative sizing of all the logo’s elements. These customization options, while extensive, may require some understanding of design fundamentals such as color theory and visual hierarchy to use effectively. You can also preview how different designs look on a business card, phone screen, and T-shirt.

VistaPrint logo maker lets you download all editable files for free.

Difficulty: Easy

Price: Free

4. Designhill

Designhill screen grab showing several logo options for Pie in the Sky Bakery.

Designhill’s logo creator uses AI to generate highly customizable options — you can adjust virtually all design elements, including symbols, color palettes and gradients, fonts, and containers. Video tutorials explain essential aspects of the process, such as adding symbols, adjusting spacing, and using custom fonts in your logo.

Rather than a subscription plan, Designhill uses a one-time payment structure, offering a basic plan that lets you download a low-resolution PNG file of your logo, a premium plan that allows further customization and unlimited high-resolution downloads, and an enterprise plan that enables collaboration with a human designer.

Difficulty: Easy–moderate

Price: $20 for the basic plan, $65 for the premium, $125 for the enterprise

5. Canva

Canva screen grab showing a logo in progress for Mariposa skincare.

Canva is a graphic design tool with a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. To create logos in Canva, you can use a template and select elements from the panel, or upload your own elements.

Canva allows you to use your brand emblem as a basis for other projects, including posters, social media posts, book covers, and apparel. You can also create beautiful animated versions and download them as MP4 files.

Canva is an excellent choice for affordable logo design in a team context — the Pro option includes up to five team members and an extensive library of templates, images, audio files, and video content.

Difficulty: Easy–moderate

Price: Free with limited features and low-res photo downloads; $12.99/month ($119.99/year) for Canva Pro

6. LogoMakr

LogoMakr screen grab showing a logo in progress for Ferntree Gully Health.

LogoMakr is a manual design option for people with more design experience. You can start the design from scratch with LogoMakr’s user-friendly interface, or you can choose a template and customize it to your satisfaction.

There are 15 short video tutorials and a massive library of more than 3 million graphics available to users through the site. Logomakr caters to those who desire precise control over their design and want to leverage features such as graphic layers, opacity, and gradient colors.

Difficulty: Moderate

Price: You can use the editor for free as much as you like. However, the only file available for free download is a low-res PNG file you can’t print or use commercially without crediting LogoMakr. The paid download — including high-resolution JPG files, vector files, and a copyright license — is $29 for one design ($60 for four designs; $150 for 10 designs). The paid version also includes access to the Social Icon Creator, allowing you to turn your design into social media icons and a favicon.

7. Looka

Looka screen grab showing a logo in progress for tech company Spectrum.

The Looka logo maker is a standout option for beginners aiming to create a branding kit in one go. As with the other AI-powered options, this tool generates models based on your company name, preferred style, and desired color combinations. You choose your favorite option and take it to the editor to customize. This tool automatically generates previews of your design on business cards, a mobile app, stationery, invoices, and presentations.

Difficulty: Easy

Price: Using the platform is free, but downloading one low-res file costs $20, while a premium package — including multiple file types, unlimited changes, and commercial use permission — is $65. The brand kit, which includes various color variations, files with transparent backgrounds, business cards, email signatures, letterhead, social flyers, presentations, brochures, and invitations, is available on a subscription basis for $96/year.

8. Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator logo templates.
Source: Adobe

Adobe Illustrator is for people with design experience looking for something special. This powerful graphic design software gives you complete control over whatever you’re creating — even down to creating your own font for the logo. Illustrator allows you to start from scratch or choose from an extensive library of templates.

There’s a steep learning curve with Illustrator, so if you don’t have prior experience and need to whip up a brand emblem fast, it’s probably not the best choice. If you’re willing to learn how to use it, however, you can create a unique logo that perfectly reflects your brand.

Difficulty: Advanced

Price: 7-day free trial and then $20.99/month, or $54.99/month as part of the full Creative Suite, which includes access to more than 20 apps, including Photoshop, Adobe Express, Premiere Pro.

Showcase your brand with a sensational new logo

The logo is the linchpin that holds a brand identity together. With the right logo maker, your custom brand emblem will capture attention online and in person. Logo creation doesn’t have to just be practical either; with these logo makers, it can also be fun.

After you’ve designed your logo, you’ll need somewhere to show it off. Webflow’s visual web builder helps you create a professional, user-friendly website that’ll be the perfect platform for your new design.

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Unleash your creativity on the web

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