Smoke test

Smoke test

A smoke test, also called build verification testing or confidence testing, is a preliminary examination to determine the basic functionality of a software, website, or application. These tests check the system’s primary features to ensure they operate without critical errors, lags, or crashes.

A typical example is evaluating a mobile app. A smoke test assesses whether the app opens correctly, loads its main screen smoothly, responds to user interaction, and displays its content appropriately on different screen sizes. These tests identify issues at the earliest stages of development, allowing developers to identify and mitigate potential project delays.

Web developers, designers, and quality assurance teams typically perform smoke tests before passing the program on for more comprehensive testing. This incremental approach to testing helps maintain software quality, minimizes debugging time, and leads to a more polished final product.

Find more information on troubleshooting website performance issues on your Webflow site. Also check out our pre-launch website checklist and review process.

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