Website name

Website name

A website name, or domain, is the title of a website that appears in the browser tab and search engine results. It’s a unique identifier specifying a website’s location on the internet and comes after the HTTP or HTTPS protocol but before the top-level domain extension in a website’s URL. The website name is also the title you use to describe your website within Webflow’s Site settings.

A website has two parts — the domain name and a hosting server. The domain connects to its internet protocol (IP) address, a unique number set connecting a device to the internet, and redirects to the server that hosts it. When you enter a website's name into a browser, it sends a request to an international Domain Name System (DNS) server network. The DNS returns the website's IP address, making it accessible to users. No two website names are the same — one website can't use a domain occupied by another.

Domain names allow visitors to access websites by entering a memorable title instead of a complicated and difficult-to-remember IP address. In Webflow, your website name is the title used to describe your website throughout Webflow.

With Webflow, you can purchase a custom domain name and connect it to your created website to share it with the world. Learn more about connecting your domain to Webflow.

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