Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are combinations of keys on a computer keyboard that perform a specific action or command within an application or operating system. Control + Z (undo) and Control + F (find) are two well-known “Ctrl” shortcuts.

In Webflow, the Designer has preset keyboard shortcuts to help speed up your design workflow. Here are a few examples: 

  • Save as Snapshot — Shift + Command + S (on Mac) or Shift + Control + S (on Windows)
  • Preview mode Shift + Command + P (on Mac) or Shift + Control + P (on Windows)
  • Guide overlay Shift + Command + G (on Mac) or Shift + Control + G (on Windows)
  • Select parent / child element Up arrow / Down arrow
  • Select sibling element Left arrow / Right arrow

There’s even a shortcut for opening the shortcut cheat sheet (Shift + /).

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