Ciphertext is unreadable, encrypted data that ciphers create for security during data transit.  If someone tries to intercept or steal ciphertext, it’ll be useless without the cipher key to decryption. Decrypted, readable data is plaintext.

Ciphertext takes different forms depending on how the cipher encrypts data. Transposition ciphers take the existing data and switch the characters or integers around according to a secret pattern. Substitution ciphers replace the plaintext with different characters or integers based on an internal code. Either way, ciphertext keeps data secure until it's ready for decryption.

Websites that use encryption are generally more secure. If you want to make your website more secure, Webflow lets you incorporate it into your design. We also have a guide to troubleshooting web security and a website security checklist to ensure you don’t miss important steps.

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