Closed-loop marketing

Closed-loop marketing

Closed-loop marketing is an ecommerce marketing strategy that uses customer data to create and improve targeted content. Sales and marketing teams work together internally — in a closed loop — to share insights on customer patterns, engagement, and conversion rates. The marketing team then creates content based on sales results, the sales team shares the results of that content, and the loop continues. That way, the marketing strategy is always improving based on customer data.

There are 4 steps to implementing closed-loop marketing:

  1. Identify a target audience
  2. Analyze their interests
  3. Build a customer database
  4. Manage customer relationships

Integrate customer relationship management (CRM) software, Google Analytics, and other data-tracking tools with your Webflow site to help with closed-loop marketing. These tools help by collecting and analyzing data based on your audience’s behavior.

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