Footer code

Footer code

The footer code creates a footer section at the bottom of every page that displays important information, like disclaimers, copyright or contact information, and links to related documents. 

While the content in a footer is secondary to the content featured on a web page, it’s safe to assume people who reach the bottom of the page are looking for more information. Footer HTML code improves the user experience in 2 ways:

  • Providing essential information without cluttering up a page’s design
  • Streamlining navigation by putting helpful information and links within easy reach

With Webflow, you can use custom code to create a reusable footer that acts as a second navigation, encouraging engagement by answering questions, pointing to projects, and providing easy access to your social media presence at the bottom of each web page.

For an example of footer code in action, scroll to the bottom of this page, where we provide copyright information and links to some of Webflow’s most-searched terms.

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