Static page

Static page

A static page is a document with fixed content that makes up an individual web page on your site. Unlike dynamic pages, which generate content based on user interactions or database queries, static pages remain unchanged each time they are loaded. The fixed nature of static pages contributes to fast loading times, ease of development, and overall simplicity.

Static pages work best for content that doesn’t require frequent updates or visitor personalization, such as informational pages, portfolios, or blog articles. These pages can be cached easily, which allows them to be served quickly to multiple visitors, enhancing the browsing experience and improving site performance.

Webflow allows you to create and manage static pages that load quickly and enhance your website’s user experience. Static pages can be visually designed in Webflow and rendered in HTML to be displayed in a web browser. Static pages are manually created, as opposed to dynamic content like Collection and Utility pages. Learn more about static vs. dynamic pages in Webflow University.

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