Prefetch is a technique that proactively loads and caches resources to improve website performance and user experience. When users visit a website, their browser requests the server for resources to display the page, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and images. Prefetching speeds up page load times by anticipating which resources the browser needs and loading them in advance so they’re immediately available. 

Several types of prefetching exist, including link prefetching and DNS prefetching. Link prefetching adds a rel="prefetch" attribute to a link tag, indicating that browsers should fetch and cache the resource as soon as possible. DNS (Domain Name System) prefetching resolves a resource's domain name in advance, allowing browsers to skip the DNS lookup step when the resource is requested.

Prefetching can reduce a website’s loading time and provide a faster, more seamless user experience. However, prefetching should only be used for the most essential resources to avoid unnecessary network traffic and cache bloat.

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