A lightbox displays content — such as images and videos — in a popup or modal window on top of a web page’s main content. It allows you to feature multimedia content in a more interactive and engaging way, providing a larger and more prominent view of the content without requiring users to navigate to a separate page. 

Lightboxes can also draw focus to specific elements, such as calls to action or forms, to obtain user information or drive them to perform a desired action. 

For example, many ecommerce websites use lightboxes to feature product pictures you can enlarge by clicking on them. The lightbox allows you to zoom in and out, analyze the product's physical features, and select different color options — all without leaving the page. Lightboxes can also offer discounts in exchange for user information, allowing users to sign up for a newsletter or create an account without disrupting the browsing experience.

Visit Webflow University to learn more about creating, customizing, and styling lightboxes. We also offer many responsive lightbox templates that are customizable and compatible with Webflow’s content management system.

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