A link, short for hyperlink, is a clickable website element that enables navigation between different web resources. Typically manifesting as clickable text, images, or buttons, internet links enable users to navigate smoothly from one web location to another. These links are often visually distinguished, typically appearing in blue and underlined when text-based, to catch user attention.

In web design, strategically using links can direct visitors to vital information, showcase products, and highlight services. An ecommerce site may feature a “Shop now” button as a link, guiding users to product listing pages. Including links in social media profiles, like in Instagram bios, can effectively drive traffic to your website.

Webflow lets you customize link settings to enhance your website's visual appeal and functionality. Head to the Webflow blog to learn more about other link types, like permalinks, and how to structure your website by adding links to site elements to maximize conversions.

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