Color field

Color field

A color field, symbolized by the syntax <input type=“color”>, specifies a graphical color picker or user interface for entering a color into a text field in a seven-character, hexadecimal format. The default notation is #000000 (pure black), and every color follows the same format: a hash symbol followed by six alphanumeric values.

You can use color fields and input tags to create websites, marketing materials, and content that aligns with your company’s color scheme, reinforcing a consistent brand image in customers' minds. For example, Coca-Cola’s red and Facebook's blue are iconic, instantly recognizable color themes.

Additionally, color fields guide users by highlighting buttons and page sections. After creating elements in HTML, you can use the CSS “hover” input to define styles for an element, like changing color, when a visitor hovers over it with their cursor. By doing so, you provide a visual cue that the color input is active.

Consider a “Buy Now” button in a contrasting color against a neutral background, like white on black, changing to black on white when you hover over it. The button stands out, encouraging users to click and take action, such as buying a product or service.

You can create color fields in CMS Collections, and then use it to add color to dynamic elements in your site.

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