Mat Vogels

Mat is a web creator and evangelist at Webflow. Follow me at @matvogels.

Posts by this Author
Jun 5, 2017
39 must-have tools and apps for freelance designers
From time management to billing to collaboration, these are the tools you need to succeed as a freelancer designer.
May 19, 2017
The art of finding (and keeping) clients: the freelance designer’s guide
Find out how and where to find new freelance clients, and get some tips on managing your project calendar.
Jun 16, 2016
How to build an ebook website
Dig into the strategy and content structure of our ebook website, then watch a full walkthrough on how we built it.
Apr 15, 2016
4 ways freelance designers can create ongoing revenue
Find out how you can turn completed freelance design projects into sources of recurring revenue.
Apr 13, 2016
The freelancer's guide to the design process
Discover the best ways to work with your clients throughout the design process.
Mar 2, 2016
Kicking off a new freelance project
Discover the 3 most vital steps you need to take before you start designing a thing.
Feb 4, 2016
How to price your freelance design services
Find out how to put a price tag on your work — and why you’re probably selling yourself short.
Jan 26, 2016
Will 2016 be the year of the freelancer?
Find out why this could be the best year to start your freelancing career.
Jan 7, 2016
5 questions to ask yourself before you start your next freelance project
And why you should never say yes to a project without knowing the answers.
Jan 5, 2016
3 things you need to know before you start a freelance project
Improve your project experience before it even starts.
Design process
Dec 27, 2015
The essential pre-launch checklist for your website
We know you're excited to launch. But before you go live, make sure you've covered all your bases.
Dec 18, 2015
4 time management tools for teams and designers
The time management tools that I use every week to stay on track
Dec 11, 2015
6 of the best typography tools for designers
These free tools will help you set your content in the perfect light.
Web design
Dec 7, 2015
Building a better contact experience
Find out how to use good design and easy navigation to convert visitors into users.
Dec 3, 2015
4 tools to help you give the gift of GIFs
Everybody loves a good GIF. And these 4 tools will help you keep coworkers entertained and website visitors engaged.
Dec 1, 2015
How to create a pop-up modal in Webflow
Design an effective sign-up experience with subtle animation and a clean design.
Nov 22, 2015
6 portfolio websites designed to stand out
Get inspired to design and launch your online portfolio site
Web design
Nov 20, 2015
Building the Webflow blog — in Webflow
How I used Webflow to build our blog. In less than 1 hour.
Nov 16, 2015
Create an animated text overlay on an image on hover
Build a common interaction design in 5 simple steps.
Nov 13, 2015
How to design a natural-language form in Webflow
Learn to build webforms that speak your users' language.
Nov 9, 2015
4 inspirational form design patterns
Discover a few unique ways of designing forms that engage and convert.
Nov 4, 2015
6 of the best color tools for designers
Meet a few tools that will make working with color faster and more fun.
Nov 3, 2015
How to show and hide content with Webflow click interactions
Find out how to use click interactions to affect other elements on the page.
Nov 2, 2015
7 websites with inspiring typography
These 7 sites reveal the beauty and power of the written word.

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