Responsive mobile app landing page designs: 15 beautiful examples

Responsive mobile app landing page designs: 15 beautiful examples

A beautiful website for your mobile app is key to getting more downloads. Here are 15 responsive app landing pages, and templates, to inspire your own.

Responsive mobile app landing page designs: 15 beautiful examples

A beautiful website for your mobile app is key to getting more downloads. Here are 15 responsive app landing pages, and templates, to inspire your own.

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Jeff Cardello
Jeff Cardello
Jeff Cardello
Jeff Cardello

From content structure to visual design elements, everything on app landing page needs to come together to turn a visitor into an engaged user. Let's dive into some apps doing this right.

15 best app landing page examples

Here are 15 mobile app landing page websites that combine content and creativity.

1. BrightLock

brightlock's landing page

Imagine pointing the light on your phone at a locked door and having it click open. This may seem like something straight out of a science fiction movie, but this is a technology of today. BrightLock's mobile app makes it safe and secure to open smart lock doors at home and at work with a flick of your smartphone.

This landing page built with Webflow captures the sophistication of the lock systems BrightLock sells. The minimalist design is full of whites, grays, and well-defined lines. With a modern feel, this website design shows that even an everyday task like opening doors can be improved by technology.

2. Bellish

bellish landing page

Knitting is a low-tech pursuit requiring only yarn, needles, and a whole lot of patience. Bellish brings tech to this creative pursuit with a mobile app that generates sweater patterns, color swatches, and other tools to help improve your knitting skills. This mobile app website created with Webflow is full of thoughtful design and a well-ordered organization to show how the app works.

sweater made in bellish

From their gently stylized logo to the screenshots showing the simplicity of the Bellish app, the app landing page design has a softness to it. The user experience captures the feel of the relaxing pursuit of knitting. And it shows how the Bellish app can make the entire knitting process from pattern design to row counting an easier and more efficient experience.

3. Cash App

cash app's landing page

There are a few competing peer-to-peer payment apps out there, but Cash App has the advantage of being tied to Square, one of the earliest innovators in digital payments, backing it with a solid reputation.

This app landing page exists as a portal to setting up an account, downloading the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play, and seeking customer support. Being a part of Square means that Cash App doesn’t have to make a case for themselves like newer companies who haven’t proven themselves. This allows them to keep things short with a stripped-down design that only has what’s necessary.

cash app gif

Cash App’s web design could have been straightforward and unembellished. But there’s enough visual pizzazz to capture your attention. The blinking money symbol while loading, and the moving visuals of the landing page, keep things interesting.

4. FitnessAI

fitness ai's landing page

Getting into weightlifting can be intimidating. It's hard not to feel like a total dork when you're flanked by people pumping iron with bulging biceps who actually know what they're doing. FitnessAI makes it less intimidating with an iPhone app that generates customized workouts shaped by data from over 5.9 million workouts.

The design finds the right balance between the physicality of hitting the gym and data science. The hero image, which is all muscle and gunmetal grays, captures the essence of weightlifting. What follows are clear explanations of how the app works and why real data makes the mobile app different from other weightlifting apps out there.

AI-driven saas apps often lean too heavily on the big-brained intricacies of their product. FitnessAI doesn’t overdo it with the complexities of data science. They make it easy for anyone to understand how it works.

Created with Webflow, this design shows how FitnessAI can help transform you into someone sculpted with muscles, with data science helping guide your way.

5. Houseparty

houseparty's landing page

Houseparty gives friends and family the chance to hang out digitally on each other’s screens with this app for iOS, Android, and desktop.

If you’re a designer who loves bold color schemes and big squares of content, this web design should give you plenty of inspiration. The visuals are bold but are never tiring while scrolling through.

The text wastes no time in communicating why you should download this mobile app. The content distills Houseparty’s messaging into 3 main points:

  • Houseparty is a face-to-face social network
  • Spend time with people you care about
  • Being together is as easy as showing up

This uncomplicated design combined with straight-to-the-point copy communicates all that anyone would want to know about the app.

6. Asana Rebel

asana rebel landing page

Asana Rebel helps you with the self-care you need to get through the day, with features that will keep your body and brain healthy. Whether you want to get more exercise, sleep better, or eat less fat, Asana Rebel empowers people to use their mobile devices to build better habits.

Asana Rebel’s website features a refined design with a comfortable amount of negative space around the mobile screenshots and blocks of text. Their messaging about improving people’s lives is never lost with plenty of photos of active people.

7. Shirt App

shirt app landing page

Want to design a T-shirt in less than a minute? Shirt App allows you to channel your creativity and to put it on to something you can wear.

The site is a work in progress, but what’s here is a solid design. The look of the website, designed with Webflow, mirrors the app, giving it a strong sense of visual consistency. Nothing is distracting or out of place, with everything locking together for a smooth user experience.

8. Acorns

acorns landing page

Is there a better name for an investment app that lets you stow away little chunks of money for a reward on a later day than Acorns?

With oak leaves and a quaint little acorn of a logo, this web design doesn’t overdo it with the theme — and that’s a good thing. Showing a bit of restraint makes for a more focused design.

Along with the clear lines of the design are a number of screenshots. Some are flat, and others show angled smartphones. This mix in perspectives adds depth to the design, keeping it from being too static.

acorns save

The content has a logical organization, with a Z-pattern making it a clear and easy read. A quick scan gives someone everything they would want to know about the Acorns app and why they should use it.

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9. ArriveSafe

arrivesafe landing page

Letting your family and loved ones know where you are improves your personal safety and eases the worries of those who care about you. ArriveSafe shows your loved ones where you’re at and where you’re going. And with versions in both the Apple App Store and Google Play, you can get this peace of mind whatever your preferred mobile device.

With a logical structure and large blocks of content, the design feels effortless to move through. A number of scroll-triggered animations bring a lively energy to the user experience. The web design uses interactions (like in this block of content below) to demonstrate how ArriveSafe works in 3 steps, giving users a moment to engage and learn more. This is such a great example of a designer doing the extra work to create a more effective user experience.

arrive safe gif

10. YOLO: Anonymous Q&A

yolo landing page

Want to ask your friends personal questions without them knowing who you are? YOLO: Anonymous Q&A lets you ask uncomfortable questions right on Snapchat with their social media app.

There’s not too much on this design, other than the active typing animation, download links to the app, and supporting content. But in this time of short attention spans, the simple design communicates so much in just a few seconds. You don’t really need to know that much more.

11. Soft

soft html template landing page
Check out Soft in the Webflow Designer

Soft is a simple app landing page template built in Webflow. It offers plenty of design features, with a hip and modern feel that could work for almost any type of mobile application.

We love the big blobby shapes of color dotting this design. They provide a nice visual anchor that’s repeated throughout. The color splashes aren’t too out there, and they give this design just the right amount of cool stylization.

soft template

This template also allows space for putting in app screenshots. Every section has a well-ordered sense of composition, and the design is easy to navigate through.

If you’d like to use this app website template for your next mobile app website project, check it out in the Webflow template marketplace.

12. BetterMe

betterme landing page

BetterMe helps you get in shape with an app that provides at-home workouts, meal planning, and exercises for improving your mental well-being.

The BetterMe app offers a wide range of tools for bettering your life, and it’s all organized and described in an easy to understand way. The design is packed with creativity and nice animated touches, like the above screenshot that stays in a fixed position and then moves as you scroll down through the design.

betterme website gif

BetterMe manages to bring a wealth of content together in a smart and engaging way. Even for those of us who find the couch more comfortable than a treadmill, the web design should inspire anyone to want to get into better shape with their app.

13. Aura

aura landing page

Aura is yet another mobile app for mindfulness, managing stress, and improving sleep. It offers a variety of meditations, sounds, music, and other features to help you with your peace of mind.

Throughout this layout are tranquil images of the sun rising, mountains, beaches, and other nature scenes. Along with these images are screenshots and information about the app. This Webflow responsive design captures the app’s sense of calm.

14. Daylio


Whether you’re feeling “rad” or “meh,” Daylio lets you document your moods throughout the day and jot down a quick explanation. It’s an easy to use mood tracker that lets you record what activities you’ve been up to. This is another fantastic app website built with Webflow.

This uncluttered design with a layout that’s effortless to scroll through will leave you far from meh and inspire you to download Daylio.

15. WareApp

ware app landing page
Clone WareApp

Let’s end this blog post with yet another stunning Webflow design: WareApp, a fashion app that as of this writing is still in the beta stage of development. For those who aspire to be fashion influencers, this app will help spread the word of who you are and what you’re wearing.

wareapp gif

The design pops with plenty of color. And ample negative space. But what stands out in this web design are the scroll-triggered animations. They’re beautifully done and add plenty of eye-catching movement.

Mobile app websites require more efficient design

Mobile app websites are an important marketing tool. Their focus is on just a single product, and they have a short amount of time to inspire someone to download the app.

The best app websites combine equal parts practical information with attention-grabbing design. They make the path from landing on the page to downloading the app a quick one, giving someone all the info they need to know to make this decision.

Designers creating a mobile app website need to economize the design while maximizing the impact of the brand’s messaging.

Now go design that beautiful app landing page. If you need a place to start, check out all of our responsive app website templates in the Webflow template marketplace.

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July 7, 2020