Rich text field

Rich text field

A rich text field is an input field for formatting or applying text styles, such as bold, colors, font sizes, italics, underline, and other visual modifications. Rich text fields and rich text elements are available in Webflow, offering a user-friendly way to organize and stylize content.

For example, users on a blogging platform may want to highlight particular sections of their posts, such as headings or key points. A rich text field allows them to bold, underline, and apply other styles, enhancing readability without learning HTML or CSS. Rich text fields also support features such as links to other webpages, images, inline media such as videos, and lists, allowing users to create engaging content with minimal technical expertise.

However, rich text fields differ from Rich Text Format (RTF), a file format for text files with basic formatting. An RTF file differs from a rich text field in a CMS or online editor. RTF files preserve text styling and formatting when shared between applications, such as word processing programs.

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