Upload PDFs, PPTs, DOCs, CSVs and more

Starting today, you can upload and link to six new types of documents within the Designer: PDFs, DOCs, DOCXs, XLSs, XLSXs, PPTs, PPTXs, TXTs, and CSV files.

‍Look at all those file types!

We've also redesigned the file upload process so you'll always upload files right to the Asset Manager. Same number of clicks, just a slight changeup.

One click opens the asset manager, one more click uploads the file.

We've also made a few slight tweaks to the Asset Manager's layout, bringing display options to the bottom of the panel, and introducing a way to sort files by type.

Just a few tweaks to make room.

These are early steps in a series of ongoing improvements coming down the pipeline for asset management, so stay tuned for more new features soon!

You asked, you waited, and now it’s here. Now you can upload and link to six (yes, six!) new types of documents within the Designer.


Asset Management