16 examples of inspiring blog design

A blog is the perfect way to showcase your brand identity online. Gain inspiration from these 16 different designs.

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If you’re thinking of starting a personal blog based on your interests, or if you’re a business looking for tips on how to design your blog for your target audience, look no further.

We’ve compiled a diverse list of the most beautiful blog designs built in Webflow — from pizza recipes to multinational businesses. Feast your eyes and draw inspiration from these 16 examples:

1. Bravedog

bravedog blog

Bravedog is a London-based agency that delivers branding, campaign, and website services for entrepreneurs who think outside the box. Their entire site is impressive, but their blog is particularly remarkable.

Bravedog needed to make sure that their blog was successful at providing key information to their target market — a niche audience. They succeeded in doing this perfectly. The design is tailored to Bravedog's audience and is unique, sleek, and beautiful. The option to have a featured post in the hero ensures anything Bravedog creates can be seen as soon as a visitor hits their journal page. There is also something lovely about naming your blog a journal, as it hints that your posts are more of a flow of organic thoughts than content created purely for lead generation.

2. Niccolò Miranda’s blog

niccolo miranda blog

Niccolò Miranda is a visual designer based in Italy and has one of the most unique blogs I’ve been lucky to set my eyes on. It contains you-have-to-see-it-to-believe-it scroll interactions and animations, and it’s extremely fun to browse through.

His blog focuses on teaching his readers how to create CSS and JavaScript animations. What better way is there to draw people into watching your how-to videos than by demonstrating your unreal animations in your portfolio?

3. Eleven Plants for Dum Dums

eleven plants for dum dum

Eleven Plants for Dum Dums is an absolutely awesome blog created by Drew Marshall. You don’t need to know a thing about plants to enjoy it, but you might want to learn after browsing this masterpiece! Eleven Plants for Dum Dums is a typographic dream with superfluous animations — you’re immediately drawn into the journey that this blog takes you on. Aimed at everyone from Dum Dums to Cool Ppl, this blog has something for everyone to enjoy. (I like to consider myself closer to the Cool Ppl demographic, but others may disagree.)

Each plant description has its own unique style on the page. One plant that is able to survive in the darkness even has its own dark mode! The color scheme is consistent throughout the blog, but each plant is described with the use of a different design. Drew even provides information on the typeface used for each plant and how it was manipulated or what font spacing was used to achieve the amazing style on this blog. His short descriptions on each plant are just as impressive as his design and add to the overall experience.

This great blog really is the perfect example of the interactions, animations, uniqueness, and artistry that people can achieve with Webflow.

4. Math3ma

math3ma blog

If you like math (or just good design), then you’ll love Math3ma — a math-centric blog created by Ph.D. candidate Tai-Danae Bradley. She realized that a lot of the ideas surrounding the math she works on are hidden behind a layer of dense fog. So, she began blogging. Each post on Tai-Danae's blog helps to fight through that fog. She writes super clear content accompanied by her well-organized handwritten notes and insights.

This website design doesn't follow the typical design trends seen in a lot of blogs — it’s purely focused on providing information to the visitor, ahead of delivering interactions that take away from the content. The categories page lets the visitor find the tutorials they’re looking for easily. A search function is available on each page to help too! Tai-Danae’s blog is a great example of a blog created by someone purely to share their passion with others, and it really shows in the love and care she puts into the design and content.

5. Wilian Iralzabal’s blog

wilian iralzabal blog

Wilian Irazabal is a product designer and Webflow expert who keeps user experience at the heart of everything he does. This is noticeable when you land on his homepage and move further into the design blog. The design is simple yet engaging — successfully pulling the user in with simple animations and a minimalist card-based layout.

Wilian’s blog consists of a mixture of video and text-based content, and he lays out each blog in a card format with a perfect amount of white space. He records videos on a wide variety of relevant topics like tech, careers, and design, and he writes text to accompany these videos. Accompanying videos with transcripts is great for SEO, as Google may rank these pages higher in search results.

6. I Ate Oklahoma

i ate oklahoma

I Ate Oklahoma is a food review blog that showcases all of the best and most delicious meals that Oklahoma has to offer. It's run by Greg Elwell, who has established himself as a leading food blogger in Oklahoma. As a non-American, before reading his blog, I shamefully knew very little about the state other than that it’s shaped like Trump’s hair from the side, but this blog has taught me so much about the culture and delicious food in the state.

This blog is the perfect mix of informative content and humor. After reading a review, your mouth is watering, you know exactly what you’re going to order when you visit the restaurant (you booked a flight halfway through the review), and you’ve belly laughed at least once while reading.

7. Petal

petal blog

One of the biggest pain points in online financial services is poor user experience. This is where Petal is different. It’s a credit card started by people who were sick of credit card companies, with an app designed by designers rather than bankers. In a booming industry like online banking, it’s astonishingly important to have an enjoyable app and online experience, or users will just transfer over to one of the many other online banking offerings that exist today.

Petal’s blog isn’t updated as frequently as it could be, but it answers a lot of questions that their potential customers are bound to ask, which is great for SEO. They also place a physical Petal credit card in the main image of each blog post, ensuring that if a post is shared on social, it will contain the instantly recognizable card, helping to build brand awareness.

8. The Lattice Blog

lattice blog


Lattice is a people management platform aimed at empowering people leaders to build engaged, high-performing teams and inspire winning cultures.

Lattice's beautifully designed blog reflects their main aim of giving organizations a clear idea of how their work can propel their company forward. They do this by providing company updates, integrations, and tips that are useful for their target audience. A newsletter signup in the hero of the blog page can sometimes seem intrusive and disruptive to the user, but Lattice’s signup is unobtrusive and easy to skip past if you want to get straight onto the blog content. The content is really well written and focused on providing prospecting and existing customers with product updates, which rank highly in product-related Google searches.

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9. Live the Pizza of Your Dreams

live the pizza of your dreams

A pizza recipe blog! One of my personal favorite toppings topics on this list of phenomenal blogs. This is the second blog designed by Drew Marshall that features on this list, which shows just how fantastic he is at using slick typography and engaging design to immerse the user.

This recipe blog proves you don’t need bold animations and intricate animations to engage your visitors if your design is strong and user focused. A two-tone masterpiece, this blog teaches you how to make three different kinds of pizzas with detailed instructions and funny copy. This blog shows Drew's ability to apply detailed design thinking to any topic — something that every designer wants to master.

10. Coworking Resources

coworking resource


The coworking scene has grown massively in the last few years. It has proven itself to be a more cost-effective, social, and flexible option compared to traditional office spaces. Coworking Resources is a source of information for a huge and diverse audience in the fast-paced coworking environment.

Their experts guide answers common questions from people who currently work in or run a coworking space, and posts are split into categories to make for easy browsing. Each post has an author bio, which is really useful for users who want to read more about a topic or read what else a particular expert has written.

11. Webflow’s Noiceland template

noiceland webflow

Noiceland is an amazing Webflow blog template that can be used for a range of blog types. If you’re looking to start a food, travel, or business blog, or anything in between, this is a great template to get started with — and best of all, it’s free!

Starting a blog can be difficult, and designing one from scratch can be time-consuming and even off-putting if design isn’t within your range of expertise. That’s why templates can be so helpful. You can customize them as little or as much as you want, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to end up with a beautiful blog. All that’s left then is for you to fill in your amazing content, which is super easy with the Webflow CMS. Don’t believe me? Check out our tutorials.

12. Design Calendar

design calendar events

Design Calendar is a blog focused on connecting designers globally by sharing the best creative talks, workshops, and exhibitions in the world. This is a simple but beautifully designed blog that does exactly what it sets out to do — inform. Powered by a group of design collaborators and curators dotted around the world, Design Calendar makes sure that they highlight every relevant talk or workshop that takes place.

13. Drunk by James

drunk by james blog

We’ve featured this blog in one of our previous Webflow posts, but it is so good that we’re going to talk about it again. James is an illustrator and he likes beer, so naturally he combined these two passions into this stunning blog.

He reviews each beer in an amount of detail that I didn’t know was possible for a beer and accompanies each review with a stylized illustration. The different beers are ordered in a column layout, making them easy to browse through. If you’re passionate about something and are looking to start a blog on it, you should definitely check out James’ passion-filled blog.

14. Pagebooks

pagebooks blog

Pagebooks is a highly engaging blog for creatives, and its creators are based in Brazil. This blog prides itself on having no defined themes. It is purely focused on drawing in the reader’s attention to make them feel more curious and engaged with the blog.

The blog content itself is a combination of gated content and open posts. Having a mixture of these two content types is a great idea for a platform like Pagebooks. It allows them to build a community around their posts, rather than just having people reading their blogs and never returning.

Pagebooks shares their content in a pretty unique way. We’re all used to viewing our friends’ posts and stories on social media, but Pagebooks uses the idea of “stories” to share their content. By creating such a unique way to view content, Pagebooks is affirming their model of being creatives for creatives.

15. Trusted Health

Trusted Health provides nurses with simplicity, transparency, and support — factors that are too often overlooked in this industry. The main function of Trusted Health is to find nurses new jobs by applying through an enjoyable online portal. The blog provides nurses with invaluable information, undoubtedly prompting them to create a profile in the portal.

The blog itself is meticulously designed. The hero of the blog contains a featured post, which changes often enough to ensure that the visitor isn’t presented with the same content each time they visit the blog. Posts are split into 5 categories that the visitor can filter by, meaning the visitor can choose the content that is most interesting to them without having to read through the posts that don’t interest them.

16. Patlid

patlid blog

Patlid is a brand new blog created by Patrik Lidin, a reading addict who has an awesome way with words. Patrik uses his blog as a platform to discuss bridging the learning gap — he creates posts based on topics he grapples with learning, creating some seriously thought-provoking content.

The section of his website dedicated to reviews of books he’s read recently is full of inspiring quotes and unique insights. Patrick abstracts key information from the books he reads and is kind enough to share them with the world on his blog.


Blogs are invaluable tools for businesses and individuals alike. They are arguably one of the most important mediums that you can use to spread your brand voice and awareness online. Done well, they can drive a huge amount of interest to your business or personal blog. Done badly, they can annoy users with their poor user journey and frustrating experience.

Webflow takes away the stress of designing a blog, and our CMS makes updating posts incredibly easy. Take inspiration from the blogs we’ve included here as well as the Showcase, and then get designing! Tweet us your blog design, and don't forget to use #madeinwebflow when it's finished!


November 21, 2019



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