Add files as CMS fields

Launched on 
August 22, 2018

Now you can add a file field to CMS items to let site visitors download or view files on a Collection page. Available on all sites with CMS and Business hosting (and sites on staging if you're just trying it out).

Uploading files: now a thing in the Editor.
‍Uploading files: now a thing in the Editor.

Common uses

Neat, but what can you do with this? Good question. Here are a few of the most exciting ideas we’ve seen:

  • Let your clients upload PDFs via the Editor. Clients love PDFs.
  • Reveal a downloadable whitepaper in the success state of your forms on a templated landing page. Boom, gated content.
  • Add a downloadable CV/resume link for each team member on your team page.

But we’re sure you’ll come up with plenty more. So go crazy!

Now you can set files as CMS Collection fields to add things like PDFs, DOCs, images, and more to a Collection item.