Conditional visibility for dynamic site elements

Launched on 
December 17, 2015

New feature: conditional visibility

Now you can show or hide dynamic content based on conditions you define. It works a lot like Dynamic List filters, but for all kinds of site elements, instead of Collection Items and Detail pages. You can find it in the Settings panel.

Choose a field within your collection item that determines the conditions for your custom display.

This lets you do things like:

Add a “featured” flag to blog posts:

Only display the "featured" label for posts with the "featured" switch field on.

Highlight the blog post a person’s currently reading:

Only display a pink border for the post that your users are currently reading.

Hide parts of your design when there’s nothing to display:

Don't have a Facebook? Then don't display the link.

Conditional visibility works across the designer, CMS, and your published sites. For more detailed instructions on how to use this feature, check out our documentation below.

Want to add a "featured" flag to a certain blog post? How about an "on sale" banner for your most important ecommerce products? Now you can automatically set these display conditions based on fields in your CMS collection items, making it simple to highlight (or hide) items without having to customize the design for individual elements every time.