dotLottie animation file support

Lottie brings the power of Adobe After Effects animations to the web. Today, we’re releasing dotLottie file support, meaning you can add After Effects animations right into Webflow with smaller file sizes and faster load times than ever before. And with Webflow Interactions, you can tie these animations to powerful triggers like page load, page scroll, and even mouse move — creating powerful interactive experiences on your Webflow sites.

One thing to note — due to browser limitations you are not able to drag-n-drop dotLottie files into your assets, however you can still *directly* upload your dotLottie files via the Assets panel.

Be sure to give it a try today!

New support for dotLottie file types to improve the load time of animation assets in the Designer.

You can now use this newer, smaller file format to improve the loading time of animation assets in the Designer as well as your published sites.



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