Inline item creation

In the past, when you were working on one CMS item and wanted to reference an item from another Collection — but hadn't created it yet — you had to pause work on your current item, then go create the new item before you could make that reference and keep working. But not anymore.

Because now you can create new items directly from a reference field, making it easy to create simple items like tags, authors, location, and more on the fly. Let's quickly see how this works:

Create new items directly from a reference field.
Haven't created that tag yet? No fear!

Once you click to create a new item, a modal will pop up to let you add all the required information.

Create new items in their own pop up modal.
It's that simple. Makes sense, right?

And that's all there is to it! Simple, but a huge timesaver. Plus, it works in the Editor too, so your content team can work faster at the same time.

Creating items in the Editor.
Inline item creation: now in the Editor too.

Now you can create items for one Collection from the reference fields of another, making it quick and easy to create things like tags, authors, locations, or other smaller items on the fly.