Choose your Workspace profile URL

Today, we updated Workspace Creator profile URLs from the original webflow.com/team/{handle} format to a new, more streamlined webflow.com/@{handle} format — just as we did with personal Creator profiles in November.

For example: webflow.com/team/webflow → webflow.com/@webflow

Choose the URL for your team profile in the Webflow Marketplace.

In addition to improved branding for your profile, you now also have direct control to choose your Workspace profile URL. Simply navigate to your Workspace settings page and use the new “Workspace profile URL” field to pick any available URL of your choosing.

Redirects are in place from old to new URLs, and all links to your former public profile URL will continue to work.

Now you have direct control to choose your Workspace profile URL, along with a new @{handle} format for more streamlined branding.