Components can now be used in Collection Lists

Building on last month’s improvements to components, today we’re making another highly requested update: allowing you to add components to Collection Lists, and connect your CMS data to component properties. 

This allows you to reuse common design patterns that you’ve already turned into components with your CMS content, while keeping those layouts in sync with all the other instances of the component across the website.

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s new:

  • Add Components to Collection Lists. Components can now be dragged into CMS collection lists, as well as CMS page templates
  • Convert elements in Collection Lists to Components. Elements inside Collection List items can now be converted to components, just like any other elements
Components can now be used in Collection Lists

Learn more about creating, managing and modifying components in this Webflow University article

Add components to Collection Lists and connect CMS content to component properties to reuse design elements while still taking full advantage of dynamic data.



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