Import CSV content to the Webflow CMS

Launched on 
May 9, 2017

If you've been hoping to migrate a content heavy site from another platform (maybe WordPress, for example?) to the Webflow CMS, but aren't comfortable working with our CMS API, you've been in a tough spot — until now.

Because now you can import items to a Collection right from a CSV in the Designer.

Under your Collection overview panel, click the Import button.

You can completely customize the structure of your Collection during the import process, choosing to map rows to existing fields, create new fields, or ignore a row entirely.

Map! Those! Fields!

For a full walkthrough of how to use CSV import, check out the article in the help center. We've also got a tutorial for those of you hoping to migrate from WordPress.

Now you can add items to a Collection directly from a CSV. So now migrating sites from another platform to Webflow is easier than ever.