Pasting images into rich text fields now just works

Launched on 
October 11, 2018

If you’re like the content team here, you probably spend a lot of time writing stuff in Google Docs and other online writing tools. Point being: you’re not starting in the Editor or CMS in the content creation phase — putting content there is merely the final step.

That’s all good and fine — but, if you’re like us, you’ve also likely noticed that when you go to paste your content and images into a rich text field, your images don’t transfer over. Which means uploading images one-by-one after you paste content. Not fun.

But really great, amazing* news here: that’s no longer the case. Now your text and images will automatically be pulled in when you paste from an external doc into a rich text field.

Text and images being pasted into the Editor from a Google doc.
Paste those images. Paste those GIFs. Be like Antonio Banderas.

Note: Images are automatically imported on paste in the Editor and Designer post detail view, but not when in the Editor on the live site (yet!).

*This reaction is in no way biased by the fact that the author is personally going to save hours as a result of this change.

Ever try pasting content from an external doc into a rich text field, only to see placeholder images show up? Well good news: that’s a thing of the past. Now, when you paste text and images into a rich text field, all your images will automatically be imported.