Publish individual CMS items

Launched on 
March 2, 2018

Until now, publishing new CMS items (or updating existing ones) required you to publish your entire site, which could be problematic — especially if someone from your team was in the middle of making design changes (how many times have you had to ask “am I ok to publish the site?”).

Thankfully, that’s no longer the case. Now you can publish and update CMS items one at a time, allowing you and your Collaborators to push content changes without worrying about breaking the site.

In the Designer

Let’s say you want to update a blog post and push those changes straight to your site. Now when you go to save the post, you’ll see a dropdown option, which gives you the option to publish the post directly, in addition to the existing option to stage those updates for the next site wide publish.

Stage content changes for the next site wide publish, or instantly publish changes for individual items.
Stage content changes for the next site wide publish, or instantly publish changes for individual items.

In the Editor

Similarly, Collaborators can now push content changes for individual items with a new dropdown option that lets them publish one item at a time.

New publishing options: Editor style.
New publishing options: Editor style.

Via the API

We’ve also pushed updates that allow developers to publish individual CMS items with the CMS API. For more details, check out our updated API documentation.

Publishing restrictions

In some cases, publishing individual items would break your site. In these instances, we prevent you from being able to push single item updates. These instances include:

  • Your site hasn’t been published
  • The structure of the Collection for that item (or a referenced item) has changed
  • You have multiple domains published at different times
  • The item’s references create circular dependencies (for example, a blog post has an author, the author has a client, and the client has a blog post)

In each of these situations, the fix is simple: publish your entire site (to all domains) to make sure everything’s in sync.

Ever wanted to update or add a new CMS item without publishing your entire site (and potentially breaking in-progress design changes)? Well, now you can.