Add 3D Spline scenes to your site

Launched on 
October 5, 2023

Used by over 1M designers, Spline is how designers visually build complex 3D animations. Now designers can natively bring those 3D assets into the Designer and showcase them on any site without the need for custom code.

You can also use Webflow interactions to control your Spline scene. That means objects, cameras, lighting, and more can all be controlled natively in Webflow — you can even animate groups of objects.

We are excited to partner with Spline and offer a discount to Webflow users with 30% off their Super Annual Plan (code: WebflowFriends (case sensitive))

To learn more about the new Spline element and see it in action, check out our lesson on Webflow University.

Want to add some 3D flair to your site? Now you can add Spline scenes directly to your site with a brand new element — and animate 3D objects with Webflow Interactions.



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