SSO Enhancements

Continuing our investment in enabling Enterprises to scale with Webflow, we’ve just unlocked key SSO functionality that large Enterprises often require to help onboard and admin their teams. 

As of today, we’re introducing SSO support for:

  1. Teams with multiple Workspaces. For example, two business units that have different Webflow Workspaces.
  2. Teams with multiple email domains. For example, users with @acme.com and with @company.com email addresses who both need to access the same Webflow Workspace, perhaps after an acquisition. 
  3. Workspace-level authentication. Tighter security for SSO-protected Workspaces and flexible options for the rest. Users will now SSO authenticate for each Workspace. 

We’re excited to better serve our scaling Enterprise customers. To start implementing any of these into your own environments, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

We’ve made some updates to SSO for organizations working across different business units, multiple email domains, and multiple Workspaces.


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