Possible makes an impact with the help of Webflow

As a health-focused nonprofit, Possible needs design tools that let them share their impact without cutting into their bottom line. Webflow gives them just what they need.

“Webflow’s replaced Photoshop for the vast majority of my web design projects.”
Andrea Morin
Creative Director

Benefits of Webflow for 


No developers necessary

because Webflow writes production-ready code for you

A faster workflow

that lets designers speed from idea to prototype to final website

Easier collaboration

between designers, developers, content creators, and clients

Why Webflow?

Because Webflow gives possible a faster, more cost-effective way to share their impact. Here’s how.

Infinite customizability

Webflow gives Possible’s marketing team a blank canvas and all the tools they need to bring their creative vision to life — whatever it looks like.

Saved time — and money

Annual reports are the most powerful way for nonprofits to show the world what they’re doing. And doing it with Webflow lets Possible save $2,000 in production costs.

Better collaboration between design and content

With Webflow, Possible’s designers can create fully functional prototypes that help content creators and designers better understand and refine their creations.

Better feedback, delivered faster

Webflow lets Possible’s designers get feedback faster. And that ensures they’re on track conceptually — and on time with their deadlines.

A faster path to launch

Using Webflow — instead of an external development agency — Possible was able to build and launch their annual report in 3 days, instead of 2 weeks.

“I talk about Webflow so much, friends ask if I’m getting paid to promote it. I just tell them, ‘You don’t know how much I love it.’”
Andrea Morin
Creative Director

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