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AngelList Venture relies on Webflow to launch their new home page in preparation for hypergrowth

When the AngelList engineering team was searching for the right platform for their marketing team to use in maintaining their website, Webflow checked all the boxes of what they needed.
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Before Webflow, it used to take us 4-6 weeks minimum to ship a page, now we can get new pages out in a week or two — including content, design, and building in Webflow.
Seif Salama
Seif Salama
Product Marketing, AngelList Venture

Life before Webflow

AngelList serves a wide audience of venture fund managers, investors, job seekers, venture capitalists, and startups. There was a small team in place that was responsible for a huge amount of work. 

With their existing custom website, the timeline to get a single page up was stretching from a month, up to a month and a half on average. In the startup world where things move fast, this lengthy timeline was a significant speed bump.

To better meet the needs of their audience, as well as their business goals, the AngelList Venture team needed a platform that could support their growth goals and ambitions. Webflow was instrumental in helping them establish as its own separate entity and home for their brand.

AngelList Venture Website Screenshot of "Our Store" page showing a light purple background with a vertical timeline starting with descriptions at 2010, then 2013 and 2015.

The need for a powerful platform

The original AngelList site was hardcoded, making it difficult for someone without technical expertise to go in and make updates or changes. With their engineers busy working on shipping features and developing products, they didn't have the bandwidth to take on the responsibilities of building and maintaining the marketing website. What they required was a web design platform where anyone could go in, make edits, add content, and take over in managing the site. The goal was to put the marketing team in charge of the new AngelList website and prepare the team for a period of hyper-growth.

They wanted something that would be user friendly, with a CMS in place to help them scale up as they got bigger. They considered more developer-focused CMS tools, but these were too complicated. AngelList required a platform that would be easy to use but wouldn’t limit their creativity or the opportunities to express their branding.

AngelList’s head of engineering saw Webflow as the solution that would give their marketing team complete control over their website and made the recommendation to use it in creating AngelList.

We were looking for a tool that was easy to use and friendly towards both technical and non-technical folks. Webflow was exactly that. It was trivial to set up, offered an intuitive Figma-like design experience, and made it easy to publish updates. The ability to jump in, make a change, and instantly publish was powerful for our fast-moving team.

Xinran Xiao, Head of Product & Engineering, AngelList Venture

AngelList Venture website screenshot of the pricing page and headline of "A complete and transparent solution"

Putting Webflow into action

To facilitate launching a Webflow built AngelList, they worked with both a design and a development agency. Both these agencies were able to learn the ins and outs of Webflow quickly and were able to jump right in and begin creating the new AngelList website. 

Like any new product or technology, those working on the new design in Webflow had questions, and customer support was there to help them figure out any challenges.

It never felt like I was being upsold. They were super helpful and actually very genuine about support. They got us. And for me, that goes a long way.

Seif Salama, Senior Product Marketing Manager @ AngelList Venture

AngelList Venture website screenshot of the blog section with title of "The Round Up"

A streamlined workflow, optimized for hyper-growth

AngelList has grown so much since its inception. What was once a cumbersome and long process of 4-6 weeks to launch a new page now takes less than 1-2 weeks. The marketing team can now get new pages up and live on their own terms, even those that are urgent. 

By the end of the first quarter of 2021, the plan is to no longer host any traces of their marketing website on Every part of the AngelList Venture website will live on Webflow, as will anything they need in the future, like an acquisition campaign or event-specific landing pages. 

The AngelList team recently released an annual recap that highlights how fast they are growing. For a company at the center of revolutionizing the fast-paced world of venture capital, scalability and velocity are of the essence. And now their website can keep up with the speed of business. 

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