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Dell uses Webflow to bridge the design-development gap

Dell’s Customer Experience design team uses Webflow to deliver full-fidelity prototypes, so their development team can launch faster, with less back and forth.


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The challenge

Dell’s customer experience design team once used an internal component system to design and prototype solutions. But it took an entire product team to maintain it. And for a largely “non-technical” team of 50+ folks, it wasn’t what you’d call … friendly.

Tired of fighting this bloated system, the team started looking for something new.

Their needs

In short, the Dell team had a pretty straightforward set of needs:

  • 01

    Better communication with developers

  • 02

    Web and desktop prototyping — just mobile was not enough

  • 03

    A code-free design tool

Tonda Dysart


We had a software evaluation team look at eight different prototyping products over four to five months, and Webflow was the only one that checked all our boxes.

Adopting Webflow

Now, the design team starts every new project from a master Webflow template containing all the brand styles and components. From these raw materials, they build and publish prototypes to share with engineering.

From there, the engineering team can just inspect the code to get all the fine details — no more redlining needed.

Now that we’re building prototypes in Webflow, our design and engineering teams are starting to speak the same language.



Now there’s less back and forth between design and engineering, since now the design team can create all the front-end styling — from hover states to transitions to interactions — in Webflow, instead of “faking it” in a merely communicative prototyping tool.

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