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How Social Driver secures impressive clients and grows revenue with Webflow

As a Webflow Enterprise Partner, Social Driver expands their client base and leverages comprehensive features to tackle custom builds with high security standards — all while moving quickly with less reliance on developers.
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Webflow builds a common language in a visual interface so designers and developers can work together, leading to better efficiency and execution. Webflow just makes sense for us, our design process, and our clients.
Casey DenBleyker
Casey DenBleyker
Director of Creative, Social Driver

Since 2011, Webflow Enterprise partner Social Driver has been helping businesses create visual identities, launch powerful marketing campaigns, and build the infrastructure to support online communities. As a full-service agency, the team takes a people-centric approach to every project and aims to empower clients to grow their organizations at scale. 

To build and maintain those relationships, Social Driver establishes trust with their clients by bringing their unique visions to life while using resources wisely. After using Webflow Enterprise to deliver several complex enterprise projects with high security standards, fast turnarounds, and custom requests, it was clear that Webflow would unlock doors to more exciting opportunities for the Social Driver team. 

The search for a solution that could meet complex security standards

Before working with us, the global online retailer only allowed its teams to either use their own technology or go through an extremely rigorous security approval process... leading to tons of development bottlenecks.

Paige Howarth, Vice President of Web & Brand Development, Social Driver

Massive enterprises often prioritize security needs when evaluating vendors and scoping new initiatives, which can increase the complexity of projects and slow down timelines. Many of Social Driver’s clients’ security concerns are fulfilled with Webflow’s comprehensive, enterprise-grade security — key features like secure frame headers, custom site headers, HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS), and custom SSL certificates enable Social Driver to build powerful, secure sites. 

When Social Driver was approached by one of the world’s largest online retailers, they were excited to get their foot in the door and open up opportunities to work with multiple departments on various projects. At the time, one of their biggest blockers was the company’s high security standards which often slowed down work. 

“Before working with us, the online retailer only allowed its teams to either use their own technology or go through an extremely rigorous security approval process...” says Paige Howarth, Vice President of Web & Brand Development at Social Driver. These security requirements combined with the lack of a CMS meant that the company relied on their engineering team for everything from site maintenance to content production, often with extended timelines. These challenges called for a new technical solution, and Social Driver came in to deliver it with Webflow Enterprise.  

Delivering best-in-class web experiences 2x faster

I really love that Webflow has been investing in advanced permissions so that we can build a system that’s harder for clients to break, yet still powerful and flexible.

Casey DenBleyker, Creative Director, Social Driver

Because Webflow offers enterprise-grade security features and secure hosting through AWS, it passed the leading retailer’s security evaluation and opened the door to using Webflow’s native features and integrations. For one project, Social Driver used the Figma to Webflow plugin to quickly transfer design assets into the project and dive into development — saving the team hours compared to their previous workflow. 

“Working in Webflow allowed us to create a landing page animation and various on-scroll interactions much quicker and with less QA compared to working in other platforms,” says Casey DenBleyker, Director of Creative at Social Driver. The team was able to build and bring a working product to market, including custom animations and interactions, twice as fast — cutting a process that would have taken upwards of 12 weeks on a different platform down to 6 weeks. 

To address content production barriers for their client, Social Driver used the Webflow CMS to create a flexible backend experience, allowing teams to publish new content without engineering involvement. Then, Social Driver built a design system that allowed teams to quickly iterate and ship new pages with established design guardrails — ensuring new pages align with brand guidelines.

Completing a few initial projects for the major retailer helped Social Driver establish trust, showing that high standards can be addressed quickly with Webflow’s built-in security features. Soon after, other departments within the company began to reach out to Social Driver for support on additional projects.  

Custom projects that require fewer development resources 

For this project, we spent less time on development than design, which is unheard of. This timeline would not have been possible without Webflow.

Jesse Dufresne, Webflow Designer/Developer at Social Driver

Built-in features and integrations such as the CMS, interactions, and components enable Social Driver to streamline their work by using less custom code — reducing their reliance on developers.

Jesse Dufresne, Webflow Designer/Developer at Social Driver, recalls a project for the major online retailer that had aggressive timeline goals and specific requests. Normally, development timelines are at least double what a design timeline would be for a project of this caliber. Relying on Webflow’s built-in capabilities like interactions and dynamic content powered by CMS Collections rather than custom development helped Social Driver launch the project on time and under budget. 

Webflow component libraries also help Social Driver rely less on baseline development. Once component libraries are set up, clients are empowered to manage content without developer oversight while maintaining the established design style and structure. 

Social Driver also worked with another client boasting one of the internet’s most popular online forums. Using components not only gave them more flexibility in content management, but it also freed up time and budget for more exciting, robust builds. “We get to pitch cool initiatives because things like landing pages and security updates are handled through Webflow. Instead, we can think long-term and dedicate client budget to more strategic work that developers and clients get excited about,” says Paige.

Accelerating upmarket as a Webflow Enterprise Partner

We want to grow our enterprise client roster and forging this close, collaborative relationship with the Webflow team has been really fruitful in helping us grow our business. We’re excited about what the future holds.

Elyssa Hines, Marketing Director at Social Driver

As a Webflow Enterprise Partner, Social Driver is able to maintain a collaborative partnership with Webflow that opens the door to more big clients and exciting projects. Partners receive dedicated support from the Webflow Enterprise team, so Social Driver can come to Webflow to ask questions, collaborate on best practices, and even submit requests for future roadmap features. 

“As a Webflow Enterprise Partner, you can collaborate directly with the Webflow team and lean on them for strategic guidance and expertise… which is something we haven’t experienced with other solutions,” says Paige. Casey adds that the relationship feels reciprocal. Social Driver brings clients to Webflow because they believe in the product, and Webflow provides direct introductions to enterprise clients because Webflow believes in Social Driver’s work. 

Webflow gives Social Driver the features, flexibility, and security they need to support their clients as strategic partners, while additional benefits through the Webflow Experts program helps keep their pipeline healthy and business growing. 

Learn more about becoming a Webflow Expert.

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