Groupon prototypes, iterates, and innovates faster with Webflow

With Webflow, Groupon’s designers can quickly iterate on products, hand fully functional prototypes to dev, and launch marketing landing pages in hours instead of days.

“There’s a perfect storm of disruption happening in my industry. And Webflow is a lifesaver.”
David Gomez-Rosado
Creative Director

Benefits of Webflow for 


Lightning-fast production

for those landing pages you need yesterday

No developers necessary

because Webflow writes production-ready code for you

Rapid HTML and CSS prototyping

without the need to know HTML or CSS

Why Webflow?

Because Webflow lets Groupon prototype new products and features 10 times faster.

Workflow … revolutionized

Webflow lets Groupon’s product and marketing designers build functional prototypes in hours—and launch landing pages in minutes. Without waiting on engineering.

Faster innovation

In tech, innovation comes at an incredible pace. And Webflow’s code-free design tool helps Groupon not only keep up—but get ahead.

Simplified responsive design

Groupon’s audience wants deals delivered on the go, on the couch, and at their desks. So the fact that Webflow makes responsive websites a snap made it a no-brainer.

Easy to learn

When you move as fast as Groupon, you can’t waste weeks learning a new tool. Thankfully, Webflow’s familiar interface got their designers up and running in hours.

“Webflow is actually changing our workflow. Before we had to … depend on engineering.”
David Gomez-Rosado
Creative Director

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