New Story used Webflow to launch their startup in 3 weeks

Webflow gave Newstory the power to bring a lifesaving idea to life in weeks, not months.

“We literally would not be able to have the massive amount of impact we’ve had on the ground in Haiti without Webflow.”
Matthew Marshall

Benefits of Webflow for 


Rapid HTML and CSS prototyping

without the need to know HTML or CSS

No developers necessary

because Webflow writes production-ready code for you

A faster path to launch

because you can build your website in weeks, not months

Why Webflow?

In the wake of Haiti's 2010 earthquake, New Story cofounder Brett Hagler had an idea: What if we could crowdfund new homes for displaced families? Webflow helped him bring that idea to life.

Rapid development—without developers

With thousands of Haitian families homeless, the New Story team couldn’t afford to sit around and wait for a developer. So they built their site with Webflow. In just three weeks they were able to fund and build their first home.

From idea to launch in no time

With Webflow, New Story can iterate on their homepage, add new pages, and extend functionality whenever they want—without touching code.

Massive impact, without massive overhead

For a charity to succeed and secure funding, it needs to run lean. And with no need to pay developers to build or maintain their site, New Story can deliver on its promise to put 100% of donations toward new homes.

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