Digital Agencies

Salt uses Webflow to build groundbreaking solutions for their clients

Webflow gives Salt the platform they need to rapidly prototype concepts, iterate on client feedback, and deliver the creative solutions their Fortune 500 clients need.

“Webflow really has changed the way our creatives work.”
Chris Inclenrock
Creative Director

Benefits of Webflow for 

Digital Agencies

Take on more clients

by adding website development and hosting to your repertoire

A faster workflow

that lets designers speed from idea to prototype to final website

Easier collaboration

between designers, developers, content creators, and clients

Why Webflow?

Because Webflow offers Salt a faster way to the right solution.

A blank canvas for creativity

Webflow gives Salt’s designers a blank canvas and all the tools they need to bring their creative vision to life—whatever it might look like.

Real prototypes

Today, clients want to see real prototypes. And now, Salt can deliver exactly that. Because with Webflow, they’re not just building prototypes: they’re building the real thing.

From strategy to execution in no time

Webflow helps Salt connect strategy to execution faster than ever, so designers can share their ideas with clients incredibly quickly. And in the agency world, speed is priceless.

Better feedback, delivered faster

Webflow lets Salt’s designers get feedback faster. And that ensures they’re on track conceptually—and on time with their deadlines.

No more silos

Webflow keeps everyone in sync because Salt’s teams can design and develop at the same time, so it's easier to illustrate flows and interactions. Plus, developers can export the approved design's code—or just click Publish.

“Now, we’re developing and designing at the same time. We’re not siloing each of our disciplines.”
Chris Inclenrock
Creative Director

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