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HelloSign uses Webflow to empower marketing and design

HelloSign runs all of their marketing pages through Webflow, letting their design and marketing team own web publishing without the help of developers.
faster page loads
minute content changes instead of three weeks
involvement from their development team
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Before we moved to Webflow, updating an existing webpage or adding a new page would take a minimum of 3 weeks. That degree of rigidity was unsustainable.
Tiffaney Fox Quintana
Tiffaney Fox Quintana
VP of Marketing, HelloSign

The problem

Before moving to Webflow, HelloSign’s marketing website lived in their main application, so all the changes and updates their marketing team wanted to make had to be routed through the product team.

With this setup, it took three weeks (or more) to get changes to the website live. On the other side of the equation, their product engineers were spending valuable development time working on the marketing website, which meant less time focusing on the product.

Their needs

It was also a top priority for HelloSign’s VP of Marketing, Tiffaney Fox Quintana, to get buy in from the CTO from a technical perspective — and in fact, he had endorsed Webflow from the start.

To bring the website under the full control of the marketing team and free up their engineers to work on new features, HelloSign needed a CMS that would provide the following:

  • Full design control for their design team
  • An easy way for marketing to edit copy and add new content
  • Little to no need for help from the development team

Moving to Webflow

HelloSign builds a completely custom site in Webflow, no developers needed.

After looking at several CMS options, Webflow stood out because of the flexibility it offered for the marketing team to make changes on the fly in the Editor. That flexibility, coupled with the complete design freedom Webflow’s Designer offers, made it the clear choice.

To help them build out the new site, the HelloSign recruited a Webflow Expert, who worked with their product marketing and design team to launch an entirely new site in just ten weeks.

After the launch

Now that new website lives in Webflow, marketing can operate independently and own the website without having to go through engineers. As the HelloSign team wrote on their blog, with the ease and speed that the Editor offers, “webpage update times (for minor grammar and formatting edits) decreased from 3 weeks to 3 minutes.” And more immediately, moving their site over to Webflow decreased their pageload times by 130%.

Creating new pages is also much easier with Webflow. Now their marketing team starts with the copy, then lets their design team put together a visual interpretation of the content. From there, they’ll repurpose templates they’ve already built or build a new page as needed — again, all without writing a line of code. And once those pages are live, they can optimize their performance with tools like Optimizely and Marketo, keeping their existing workflows and lead generation system in place.

But what about SEO?

Since so much of their traffic comes from organic searches, their executive team had SEO in mind as a main concern. But again, according to the HelloSign team, “we haven’t seen any hits to our SEO rankings or to the traffic to the website,” since they were able to manage all their 301 redirects, SEO markup, and indexing controls in Webflow.

At the end of the day, with their website in Webflow, everyone at HelloSign gets to focus on what they do best — and what’s most important — without getting in each other’s way.

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