Add classes faster with a keyboard shortcut

Are you tired of moving your cursor to the selector input every time you want to add a class to a new element? We know — it can be a pain in the CSS (sorry).

Well, struggle no more: now you can add classes to new elements much faster by hitting CMD + Enter on Mac (CTRL + Enter on Windows), which will jump your cursor to the selector input.

‍Keyboard shortcuts: making life easier since the first keyboard shortcut.

This update also adds this option to the right click context menu as well, if that's more your style.

There's also a right-click option for all you right-clickers.

Oh — and if you didn't already know: we have a ton of other keyboard shortcuts in the Designer. So go crazy!

Now you can quickly jump to the selector field to give new elements a class by hitting CMD + Enter on Mac (CTRL + Enter on Windows).



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