Google Maps bug fix

As we've recently learned, as of June 22nd, 2016, Google Maps is no longer allowing keyless access to their API. So what does this mean for Webflow users? 

For the time being, we've published our own API key, so for those of you who published your websites after June 22nd, you can simply republish your site and your maps will be up and running again. In the future we will be building in functionality to allow you to enter your own API key.

Does this mean I will have to pay Google Maps in the future?

Maybe. This depends on your usage. For those of you serving less than 25,000 map loads per day, you will continue to have free access, but map loads in excess of 25,000 per day will incur overage costs from Google. For full details on pricing, read more in Google's announcement.

TL;DR: Republish your site and contact us if that does not solve the issue. In the future, you may need to pay Google to access their Maps embed.

Earlier today, Google Maps made some (unexpected) changes that broke map components for some sites. But fear not! We pushed a fix, and once you republish your site, your maps will be up and running again. Read on for more details about how this change will affect map usage going forward.