Updated UI in the Designer

When you open the Designer next, you might notice a slightly new look. That's because we've restyled the UI to increase contrast, make everything a bit easier to read, and simplify options where possible. The main differences include:

New colors and simplified UI

The most obvious change is the new visual look, which features brighter, more contrasting colors, alongside some toned down shadows that should make the controls a bit more legible.

The new UI features increased contrast and brighter colors.
New year, new colors.

Removed field arrow buttons

To remove rarely used UI controls, we've taken out the up/down buttons in the input fields. You can use the up and down keyboard keys when a field is selected (and hold SHIFT while using these keys to increase/decrease the value by increments of 10).

We gave the Designer a new paint job and tweaked the UI in a few places. Full details available in our update notes.