WebP image support now available for improved site performance

Launched on 
July 14, 2022

For those who’ve been asking, the wait is over: we’ve just added support for WebP images in Webflow! 

For the uninitiated, WebP is a modern, more compact image format that lets you serve high-quality images at a smaller file size than traditional JPEG and PNG formats — which means your site loads faster (and ranks better) without compromising the quality of your images. 

A note on browser support: while a very small percentage of old browsers don’t support WebP images, WebP is considered very widely supported (with coverage by more than 96% of browsers). That said, if your site visitors tend to come from browsers (such as IE 11), you may want to stick with more traditional image formats.

Now you can upload and use WebP images to reduce image sizes and improve site performance.



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