New feature: dynamic embeds

Dynamically embed third-party content — and bring tons of new functionality to your Webflow sites.

John Moore Williams
March 16, 2016

We’ve had an embed component for a while, and designers have built some great things with it. But today, it gets roughly 10 times better. Because now you can create dynamic embeds.

What’s that mean for you? Well, it means you can now use Webflow CMS to build a Shopify-powered storefront.

Or turn your blog into a platform for your Soundcloud-hosted podcast.

Or quickly add click-to-tweet modules to your top long-form content.

It’s like hand-creating your own integration, using whatever third-party embed code you want.

And best of all, your clients and content colleagues can add any of that content through the Webflow Editor. (After you show them how.)

Because each dynamic embed’s unique, here’s how to set up 4 of the most powerful.

Sell your Shopify products through your Webflow CMS site

Want to build your ecommerce storefront with Weblfow CMS instead of a generic Shopify templates? It only takes a few minutes to get up and running. Here’s how:


Prefer to read? Check out "How to dynamically embed Shopify products with Webflow CMS" in our Help Center.

Embed your Soundcloud music and podcasts in your Webflow site

Want to give your musician clients and podcasters a beautifully unique home for their audio content? Done and done.


Prefer to read? Check out "How to use dynamics embeds on your Webflow site," which covers the basics of dynamic embeds through a discussion of SoundCloud embeds.

Create click-to-tweet modules for Webflow CMS content

Once you’ve overcome the myriad challenges posed by the content creation process, you’ll run into your next challenge: getting people to share your content.

Enter the click-to-tweet button, which not only encourages simplified, one-click sharing, but can also help you call out your top content, like so:

And I created that just by typing the tweet text into a field in the Editor. Mat did the hard work:


Prefer to read? Check out "How to dynamically Twitter share buttons with Webflow CMS."

Let people buy tickets to your Eventbrite events

If you’re trying to transcend the URL and reach people IRL, you probably host events with ticketing powered by Eventbrite. And if you do that, you’re gonna love this:


Prefer to read? Check out "How to dynamically embed Eventbrite events with Webflow CMS."

And that’s just the beginning

We’re sure you creative Webflow-ers are going to find all kinds of ways to make use of dynamic embeds. Once you do, be sure to share them in the comments, on Facebook, or Twitter!

John Moore Williams

Head of Content Strategy at Webflow. Nice to meet ya. Follow me @JohnAMWill.

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