New feature: Webflow CMS

Now you can build custom dynamic websites. Without writing code.

John Moore Williams
October 7, 2015

Since 2013, Webflow has offered web designers and developers a powerful tool for building websites visually—in the browser, and without writing code. But if you needed a content management system, you had to export your Webflow code.

Until now.

Meet the world's first visual content management system


With Webflow CMS, you can build completely custom websites powered by dynamic content.

And when we say custom, we don’t just mean that you control every aspect of the look and feel.

We mean truly custom. Meaning that you, the designer, define both how content is structured and how it looks on the site. All without messing with HTML, CSS, PHP, or databases.

And when you're ready, you can invite your clients and/or colleagues to update content right on the live site, using an intuitive WYSIWIG editor similar to Medium’s.

So now you can define, design, and publish powerful, dynamic websites. Without hiring a developer or even looking at code.

Wondering what sorts of sites you can build with Webflow CMS? Well, we just redesigned the Webflow site and our entire Help Center with it.

Start learning Webflow CMS

This 30-minute tutorial will get you up and building sites in no time:


New features in Webflow CMS

You'll discover tons of new features in Webflow CMS, but here are the highlights.

Collections and Collection Items

Webflow CMS comes preloaded with several Collection Templates you can customize to fit your site.

Collections are like templates for dynamic content types. So, if you’re creating a blog, you’ll build a Collection called “Blog” or “Blog Posts” and define the structure of that content with these fields:

- Plain text

- Rich text

- Image

- Video

- Link

- Number

- Date/Time

- Switch (for binary options like featured/not featured)

- Color

- Reference

- Multi-item reference

Just pick the fields that work best for the content. You can also set required fields, define specifications like word count, and add descriptions to help content editors create new content with Collection Items.

Collection Items

Items are individual instances of the content types that make up a Collection. So if you created a Collection called Blog, an Item would be a Blog Post.

To create a new Blog Post, a client or team member will just fill out the fields you defined for that Collection in the new CMS Panel.

New Component: Dynamic List

Designing content in a Dynamic List.

Pull in dynamic lists of Collection Items wherever you want them, so you can build modular pages that feature the latest blog posts, portfolio items—whatever.

CMS Page Editor

Can't wait to update Mat's bio for him ;)

Once you’ve published your new Webflow CMS site, you can add Content Editors who can update copy, images, videos, and more right on the live website, using a minimal WYSIWIG editor.

CMS Panel

Creating a new Collection Item is as simple as filling out a form.

Content Editors can also use the new CMS Panel to add new content by creating Collection Items, plus edit existing Collection items.

Start building dynamic sites today

We can't wait to see what you create. Happy designing!

John Moore Williams

Hi! I'm John Moore Williams, senior UX writer at Google, and proud Webflow alum. Nice to meet ya. Follow me @JohnAMWill.

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