Mar 27, 2017

Redesign your website for the May 1 Reboot with Webflow

Redesign your portfolio website in time for the May 1 Reboot with Webflow — without writing code — and get 3 months of hosting free!
This year, we’re lending a hand to anyone who wants to take part in the May 1 Reboot!

Why? Because there’s no faster, simpler, or more designer-friendly way to redesign your portfolio website than with Webflow. As a completely visual web design tool that doesn’t force you into a template or restrict your creative freedom, Webflow is the perfect tool to accelerate your May 1 Reboot.

Or, as James Widegren, cofounder of May 1 Reboot, puts it: 

Companies like Webflow are what moves our industry and community forward.

Redesigning your site in Webflow is easy. Just:

  1. Start from a blank canvas, and redesign your website visually. And let Webflow write clean, standards-compliant, and performant code for you.
  2. Give your portfolio entries exactly the structure you need with our visual CMS, then design with your real content.
  3. Publish your site with one of the fastest managed hosting services on the web, Webflow Hosting.

To help you get started, here’s some quick tips for each stage of the process:

1. Build your website visually

If you know a bit about how HTML and CSS works to structure and style websites, and have a good design eye, you’ve got everything you need to work with Webflow.

But if want a quick guide to get you up and running fast, this 40-minute video series covers all the basics:


Webflow also boasts over 100 responsive website templates to get you started even faster, if you’d like. But we think you’re going to like the freedom of starting with a blank canvas.

2. Build your bespoke CMS visually

Great portfolio entries need great structure, and Webflow CMS lets you create custom, structured content Collections with ease. Just choose the right combination of building blocks — from plain text to videos, rich text to item references — and you’ll have a structure that perfectly reflects your content in no time. There are even pre-built Collections you can use as-is, or as a base to kickstart your process.

Then just create your layout, bind your Collections, and design the perfect look and feel to present your work!

This video series provides a quick overview of designing with Webflow CMS:


Note: Using Webflow CMS is up to you — but we think you’re going to love it. Just know you’ll need CMS hosting (just $16 a month, billed annually — and you get the first 3 months of that free with the coupon code below) if you use Collections on your site.

3. Launch on May 1 with the best managed hosting on the web

When your design’s done, just click Publish and set up hosting on your existing custom domain, or buy a new one straight from Google Domains. You’ll enjoy blazing-fast hosting powered by AWS and Fastly, and enjoy peace of mind with constant threat monitoring and free SSL!

And to make the deal even sweeter, we’re giving all new Webflow customers 3 months of basic or CMS hosting for free!

Just enter the code MAY1REBOOT when you set up hosting to get your discount — but act fast: this deal expires on May 1!

4. Share your reboot with us!

Once your site’s live, tweet a link with the hashtags #May1Reboot and #MadeInWebflow to make sure we see it. We’ll showcase the best of the best here on our blog!

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