What we’ve been shipping: October - December 2019

It’s the most wonderful time … to look back at Webflow’s latest product updates, along with what’s ahead.

If you haven’t been logging into Webflow (or religiously refreshing our updates page) for the past quarter, it’s ok: the quarterly product update post is here for your scanning pleasure. Here’s a rundown of what’s new and improved since October.

New features and updates

Collect more info in Ecommerce checkout

Released October 9th

collect more info ecommerce checkout

Drag the checkout-page-specific element onto the canvas and go wild.

For your site’s checkout, getting people’s credit card details and address is a good start, but sometimes you need more. Want to collect their phone number in case you need to get in contact with them? Now you can. Want to know their favorite color? Who’s stopping you?

PayPal checkout and merchant support

Released November 5th


Webflow Ecommerce merchant support before and after we added PayPal checkout.

If you haven’t been following our progress on Webflow Ecommerce closely, this is a big one: in November we added PayPal support, so now you can open a store in any of PayPal’s merchant-supported countries and accept payments from anywhere PayPal operates globally, dramatically expanding the reach of Webflow Ecommerce around the world.

Choose between preset styles for the PayPal payment option in your checkout flow.

Prospero: free ecommerce UI kit

Released November 11th

prospero ui kit

To celebrate all these ecommerce releases, we created a massive (and free) UI kit that you can use to kickstart your next build. With 85 unique sections and 10 different layouts, there’s something in there for every sort of project. Get the kit today for free.

ecommerce ui kits

A look at some of the layouts included in the Prospero UI kit.

Custom easing curve for interactions

Released November 21st

customer interaction curves

Set custom easing curves for each step of your interaction.

For those of you who are power users of Webflow interactions, you’ll be happy to know we introduced custom easing controls for interactions just a short while ago.

Custom code in rich text elements

Released November 21st

One of the more eagerly awaited updates we released this past quarter was custom code support within rich text elements, which unlocks a ton of flexibility for enriching what’s possible in long form text blocks (like the tweet I embedded above this paragraph).

Resize the canvas to preview designs on larger screens

Released December 2nd

Earlier this month, as the first in a series of steps toward unlocking larger breakpoint support (for devices 993 px and above, beyond our current “desktop” option), we’ve added controls to resize the Designer canvas and preview how your site looks on larger devices. For those of you who don’t have a second monitor, or often find yourself working on smaller sized laptops, this should make your life a bit easier.

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What’s on deck

Designer and workflow updates

Larger breakpoint

Following up on our recent release of canvas resizing controls, we’ll be adding an additional, larger breakpoint to Webflow that will unlock a brand new level of control when it comes to customizing your designs for large screens. Stay tuned for updates on this front!

Major improvements to symbols

As we mentioned in last quarter’s roundup post, we’re still working on a major set of enhancements to symbols that will dramatically improve their reusability and make it easier to create shared design systems within your projects.

CMS and Ecommerce improvements

Beyond those two Designer, workflow related updates, we’ve got a few enhancements and updates that we can share coming to the CMS and ecommerce world.

Filter Collection Lists by “or” logic

We’re also working on an enhancement to Collection List filtering that lets you populate a list based on multiple attributes, using “or” logic (as opposed to “and,” which is the only option today). Some common use cases this unlocks:

  • Show items that contain a range of different tags or categories
  • Filter displayed ecommerce products by a range of prices

Digital goods and downloads improvements

Following up on our recent release of a new toggle for ecommerce products that lets you say whether the product requires shipping, we’re working on additional enhancements for selling digital goods in Webflow Ecommerce.


At the same time, we’re in the initial stages of work that will let you run discounts and promotions on your ecommerce store — a key feature that will unlock a ton of flexibility for merchants hoping to attract and entice new customers.

For a closer look at everything we've been up to at Webflow, check out our End of Q4 Live Q&A with CEO Vlad Magdalin.

Remember, you can always check out our updates page for a log of the newest features, enhancements, and updates coming to Webflow. And if you have new features you'd like to see built, let us know in the comments below!


December 17, 2019

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